Uninterruptible poweR Supplies (UPS)

Uninterruptible Power Supplies Systems

Protect your hardware and information from unanticipated power losses with our UPS battery systems. We offer several different sized systems to supply power to the capacity that you need. From safeguarding office equipment to data center protection, you can depend on our UPS systems to provide reliable protection.

UPS System Features

Our UPS Batteries are manufactured by Enersys, DataSafe and Deka Unigy. These systems offer maximum continual power during critical events and perform through hazardous conditions too. Some of the features included in our UPS Systems are:

  • Fire Protection: Flame retardant casing maintains operations while keeping combustion at bay
  • Leakage Prevention: Hermetic seals maintain protection against leaks and spillage through the UPS System's lifetime
  • High-Performance Plates: Durable construction enhances corrosion resistance at high operating temperatures
  • Long-Lasting Design Life: With the ability to store energy for extended timeframes, these batteries offer increased flexibility for usage
  • Fast Recharge Times: In the face of multiple outages, shorter recharge times allow for greater energy coverage. 

Contact Our Team

Dowd Battery is an independent supplier and UPS system service provider for many leading manufacturers across the Northeast region of the US. We can provide technical assistance to help you select, install and maintain the correct UPS system for your application.  Please contact us to speak with our experienced team about the UPS Systems you need today!