At Dowd Battery, we provide dependable power systems for businesses and organizations across a multitude of industries. We offer one-time installation services, flexible maintenance plans and an array of tests to make sure that your back-up power system will operate reliably at any time of crisis.



Utility Power Line

Our power solutions keep utility facilities safe and reliable as they deliver and store power for consumers around them. Dowd Battery offers special utility services that make workplaces safe for employees and protect machinery from security threats or operational failures.

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Telecommunications Data Center Batteries

As hubs for storing and delivering data in a corporation or for many businesses, data centers are critical storehouses and must receive power at all times. Dowd Battery offers comprehensive services that include the latest back-up power supply installation for telecommunication systems.

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Corporate Office Building

From banks and accounting firms to software developers, every professional corporation needs to safeguard its internal data and technology with reliable power supplies. Our specialists can install and service your energy network to ensure your business is protected from any crisis situation.

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Hospital Room

The upkeep of any hospital or clinic requires energy and emergency power sources. We offer specific power solutions for healthcare institutions that sustain critical services despite any power outages that may occur. Learn more about our healthcare battery services today!

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University Lecture Hall

From the nation's largest universities to primary education, schools use a large amount of energy every single day. Our power solutions keep student and faculty safe from any emergency situation and are able to scale to any size your institution needs coverage for.

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Renewable Energy Solar Panels

As renewable energy continues to grow as a producer of clean fuel, protecting power systems from the danger of energy transfer loss or unexpected outages is the responsibility of your back-up power supply system. Learn more about how we support the renewable industry today!

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