Supporting Products

Battery Racks

Dowd Battery offers a wide range of battery racks from non-seismic, seismic, modular, and relay racks.  Different configurations available from tiered to step racks.  Custom racks available to fit difficult footprints. 

Spill Containment

Dowd Battery offers spill containment systems for vented lead-acid and valve-regulated, lead-acid batteries.  Whether it is for an open rack, cabinet, or even a relay rack there is a spill containment available.  On-site cleanup kits also available 

DC Power systems

Dowd Battery offers a wide range of DC power systems (+24/48VDC) for the telecom and industrial applications with installation services provided.  

Battery Testers and Battery Monitoring Systems

Dowd Battery offers battery management tools and battery monitoring systems to maintain the integrity of critical power systems.  Applicable fields are utility, telecom, ups, and generator backup. 

Safety Equipment

Dowd battery offers a wide range of safety equipment ranging from eyewash stations, portable eyewash stations, replacement cartridges, and shower eyewash assemblies.