Supporting Products

Spill containment systems

  • Spill containments for flooded and VRLA battery types

  • Various configurations

  • Acid resistant floor paint available 

Battery Monitoring Systems

  • NERC compliant battery monitoring systems

  • Multi-function sensors for string voltage, float current, cell voltage, cell resistance, temperature, DC ground faults, and electrolyte levels

  • Web-based battery data management software

Battery Maintenance Tools

  • PRO series watering carts for flooded batteries

  • PRO series water deionizer

  • PRO series watering gun

  • PRO series hydrogen gas detectors

  • Hydrometers

  • Thermometers

  • Insulated tool kits

  • Battery test kits per NERC & IEEE

Battery Accessories

  • Hydraulic platform lift
  • Rack rail plastic covers
  • Battery terminal plate covers
  • Connector covers
  • Cable supports
  • No-ox grease
  • Vent plugs
  • Flame arrestors 
  • Seismic rack foam spacers
  • Withdrawal tubes
  • Cabling and lugs 

Accessory Catalog