DC-AC Inverters

Inverters can prove useful in a number of power situations, but the specifications required by each system will often vary wildly. At Dowd Battery, we offer a variety of DC-AC inverters with a range of capabilities that will fit a number of individual needs. Whether your primary concern is a pure sine wave output, efficiency, 240v integration, or something else, we have an inverter that will work for you. Feel free to contact our team for more information!

Inverter 2000

  • Unity power factor 2000VA/2000W standalone module
  • High quality pure sine wave output for telecom grade applications
  • Remarkable overload capability: 120% overload continuously, 200% overload for up to 5 seconds
  • Outstanding efficiency, up to 91% for all types of mission-critical AC equipment
  • Built-in auto transfer switch (ATS) for increased reliability
  • LCD display for real time status monitoring and setting module parameters

Media System

  • Up to 3kVA/2.4kW of highly reliable, Telecom-grade AC power
  • 2RU shelf system provides high power density
  • Revolutionary ‘GREEN’ technology provides 93% system efficiency
  • Seamless integration with Alpha’s CXC controllers via CAN bus
  • Flexible mounting options for 19" or 23" box bay or open relay racks
  • Integrated 120 and 120/240V configuration with integrated distribution


  • Innovative, inverter system for critical facilities and Telecom applications
  • Single, dual and three phase configurations with up to 75kVA/60kW capacity
  • ‘HP’ technology engineered to deliver high efficiency, high system reliability and low total cost of ownership
  • 94% efficiency, 15 year design life and module MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) greater than 200,000 hours results for class-leading TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Intelligent system controller with integrated SNMP for local and remote management of AC power modules, optional rectifier modules, batteries and other peripherals
  • Small footprint system in a single 19" box bay rack, freeing up valuable rack and floor space
  • Optional 2.4kW rectifier modules convert the AMPS into a modular, standalone, high-reliability UPS

Ametek DPI/3DPI

  • DPI Single Phase 5-100kVA
  • 3DPI Three Phase 10-125 kVA
  • Industrial pulse width modulated inverter