Battery Capacity Testing

Battery Capacity TestingBattery capacity testing is an essential part of battery maintenance.  Testing conforms to IEEE Standards 450, 1106 & 1188 as well as NERC PRC-005.  Capacity testing determines the overall capacity of the battery, checks if the battery can support a connected load, and locates weak cells and faulty intercell connectors.

Temporary battery systems and chargers provided upon request.  

Load Testing includes (1 to 8 hour tests available)

  • Inspect each battery string to confirm condition for capacity test
  • Torque all connections and record resistance readings
  • Measure and record cell impedances
  • Perform visual inspection of battery system
  • Load test battery using load bank for desired timeframe
  • Record readings of each cell every hour during discharge test
  • Place battery back on charger after test is completed

A full detailed electronic report is provided detailing the battery tested, charger/UPS information, individual cell float voltages, and battery discharge performance data.  As well as specific problems during testing with recommended corrective actions.