Dowd Battery utilizes the EnerSys DC Power & TurnKey battery installation team for any type of battery installation need.  Ranging from utilities, telecommunications UPS, power generation, and all industrial fields.  All installations meet or exceed IEEE Standard 484 and manufacturer guidelines.  All maintenance required to meet all NERC/FERC/IEEE standards.

Battery Installation Servies


Battery Installation

  • Review layout, requirements and delivery schedules
  • Uninstall old equipment including racks, batteries and power equipment
  • Recycle old batteries
  • Coordinate installations with customer
  • Build and install new battery systems including new racks, spill containment, and chargers
  • Make all new battery connections
  • Dispose of all installation debris
  • After completion of installation battery cell voltage, connection torque and resistance values provided.

DC Power plant installation

  • Provide engineering support and technical services for DC power systems
  • Install of DC power systems for the telecom and industrial fields
  • Includes NCU control units, rectifiers, distribution panels, inverters

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For professional battery installation services, you can depend on Dowd Battery. Our services are required to meet NERC/FERC/IEEE standards. For any questions or to schedule services, please contact us today!

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