UPS Batteries






DataSafe XE Batteries






DataSafe HX Batteries

  • Designed for UPS applications
  • Capacity: 23 to 780 Watts per cell (Top terminal, 6V and 12V)
  • Capacity: 550 to 925 watts per cell (Front terminal 16V)
  • 6V, 12V, and 16V batteries available
  • Front and top terminal batteries available
  • Flame retardant case and cover
  • Individual flame arresting cell vents



  • Designed for five minute or less high rate discharges
  • 1010, 1110 and 1150 watts per cell to 1.67 volts per cell
  • 12 year design life at 77F
  • Pure lead technology
  • Front terminal design





Other UPS battery manufacturers avaliablie: Deka, C&D, CSB, Eaton, and Yuasa






DataSafe CX Batteries

DataSafe NPX Batteries

  • Designed for UPS applications
  • Capacity: 35 to 150 Watts per cell
  • Valve Regulated Lead Acid
  • Designed for high rate discharge applications
  • Life expectancy: 3- 5 years at 77F






  • Provides high short duration discharge rates
  • Lead caclium alloy grids
  • Slide lock post seal design
  • 20 year design life