Telecom Batteries


Browse our available batteries available for telecom applications below, and feel free to get in touch with our expert team if you have futher questions!

PowerSafe DDmP Batteries

  • Valve Regulated Lead Acid - AGM
  • Capacity: 105 to 2000Ah
  • Steel module design installed in modular style battery rack
  • Standard top termination
  • Flexible module configurations
  • Low maintenance – no watering required
  • Square terminal post for easier maintenance
  • Optional disconnect switches

PowerSafe DDmP Specification

PowerSafe G Batteries

  • GU family designed for telecommunication industry
  • Flooded Lead Acid calcium
  • Capacity: 930Ah to 3900Ah
  • Lead Calcium Alloy
  • Single cell or multi-cell options
  • 20-year life expectancy 
  • 0.30”thick positive grids for long discharge rates
  • Slide-lock post seal design
  • Standard styrene acrylonitrile jar (Flame retardant polycarbonate optional)

PowerSafe GU Specification

PowerSafe F Batteries

  • FTC family designed for telecommunications industry
  • Capacity: 840 to 1810Ah
  • Ideal for long duration flat plate applications
  • Lead calcium or lead antimony grid alloy
  • 20-year life expectancy
  • Slide-Lock post seal design
  • Flame retardant container and cover
  • Single cell jar design

PowerSafe FTC Specification


  • Capacity: 31 to 190Ah (Front Terminal)
  • Capacity: 7 to 361Ah (Top terminal)
  • Capacity: 32 to 900Ah (2V cells)
  • Thin plate pure lead (TPPL) technology
  • Long service life and up to a 2-year shelf life
  • Temperature range: -40F to 122F
  • Flame retardant case
  • 2V and 12V cells available 

PowerSafe SBS Specification


  • 2V, 4V, 6V, and 12V AGM top terminal blocks
  • Capacity: 25 to 580Ah
  • 12-year design life
  • Designed for medium to long discharge applications
  • AGM recombination technology
  • Flame retardant container and cover
  • 100% recyclable

Fiamm SLA Specification

POWERSAFE V  batteries

  • Capacity: 100 to 190Ah
  • Thin plate pure lead technology (TPPL)
  • Front terminal and top terminal 
  • Suitable for 19" and 23" relay racking
  • 10-year design life
  • Flame retardant case 
  • One year shelf life

PowerSafe VF Specification


  • Capacity: 27 to 200Ah at 8 hours to 1.75 volts per cell
  • 12V blocks in top and front access
  • Advanced AGM technology
  • Flame arresting self-sealing valves 

Deka Unigy I Specification

 EnerSys NCR Racks

  • NEBS compliant, pre-wire for quick installation
  • Front terminals for easy access
  • Houses up to six 48V strings or twelve 24V strings - EnerSys VF or SBS front terminal batteries
  • Optional breaker options available 

NCR Rack Specification

 Northstar Blue

  • 12V Lead Carbon VRLA battery
  • 12+ year design life
  • Shelf life up to 24 months
  • Capacity range: 40Ah to 210Ah

Northstar Blue+ Specification

 Northstar Red

  • Capacity: 100Ah to 210Ah
  • Design life of 15+ years at 68F
  • Pure Lead Technology
  • Operating temperature: -40F to 149F

Northstar Red Specification

 Fiamm FAT

  • Capacity: 60Ah to 180Ah
  • VRLA AGM Technology
  • Front termial design
  • Designed for 19" and 23" relay racks

Fiamm FAT Specification