Alpha Micro 1000 UPS System

Designed to efficiently in a wide range of environments, the Alpha Micro 1000 UPS system provides backup power for businesses around the world. This integrated UPS system and enclosure offers security against power disturbances that can shut down critical equipment for your operations. Built with NEMA 3R rated housing, the Micro 1000 system can withstand inclement weather and operates with built-in temperature controls that optimally charge your system at extreme temperatures. For more information about the Alpha Micro 1000, you can read the details below and view the product specification document.

Product DetailsAlpha Micro 1000 Outdoor UPS System
  • Compact, Integrated UPS System: Featuring a powerful 48 VDC battery to provide uninterruptible backup power

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation: Protects your system from voltage surges or sags without transferring to backup mode, lengthening battery life.

  • Durable NEMA 3R Construction: With an outdoor-rated construction and an operating temperature range between  -40 to 165°F, the Micro 1000 is suitable for a wide range of climates

  • Event and Alarm Logging: Time and date stamping simplifies and accelerates troubleshooting

  • Temperature Compensated Battery Charging: Automatically adjusts charge voltage to prevent over charging at extreme temperatures

Alpha Micro 1000 UPS Specification

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